Monday, March 29, 2010

Simple Medieval Clothes Ideas That Are Within Your Budget!

If you’re used to the modern day concept of party and events, then the traditional 16th century renaissance fairs might not sit well with you. But in today’s age where things from the past are making a huge comeback in almost every scene, from clothing to hairdo, people are always looking for ways of reinventing the old to fit with the new. The same goes with fashion and tradition! As such, there’s no surprise that Renaissance festivals and medieval clothes are making their way into our modern day.

The concept of medieval costumes are based from the renaissance-era where clothing is defined by silk fabrics, leather, velvet, rich details and striking hues. And if you’re planning to attend your first Renaissance festival or just reading about simple medieval clothes to wear, we have a few ideas for costumes for both men and women that you might want to check out!

For Women

Aside from going with the traditional princess idea, which is a common among many women, one idea would be a female pirate instead. Wearing a female pirate’s costume would be using images of skulls as accents to your clothes or as accessories; belt buckles and even a really cool pirate sword.

If you don’t feel to go all-out ‘action’, you can go for fairy costumes with wings. Fairies are a good choice for women, especially for young girls. You could also go and be an angel or even a bat.

There are a lot of really cool choices to choose from but the more important things is to actually portray the part flawlessly.

For Men

Aside for going for wearing a tunic and a vest for a top, many men forget that their footwear shares the same importance as their over-all. Wearing the wrong footwear would distract people from looking at how beautiful their chosen medieval costume is. That’s why footwear should also be given much importance. Usually, sandals are the better option since they fit and they do look good in a variety of clothes. However, they could also go for high leather boots as this gives off a distinct, muscular appeal.


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