Monday, March 29, 2010

Medieval Costumes Ideas for Girls!

So you’re little girl is now attending her first renaissance festival. Either that or she’s going for her very first medieval costume party! Whatever the case maybe, there are alot of costumes available for your kid, which will bring out the best in her and expand her creativity and imagination to be the little fairy she imagines herself to be.

There are alot of choices for little girl costumes. You could go with Tudor clothing, which will make her look elegant and part of the wealthy from time long ago, or you can support her imagination and make her the little fairy she’s always dreamed to be.

And if you’re still stomped about what to make her wear, below, we’ve prepared a few ideas that your little princess would surely love to wear!

1) Princess Costumes
She’s always dreamed about being a little princess right? With the castle and the knight of shining armour? Well, while she might not get her knight of shining armour just yet, she still can wear a very elegant princess costume and some glass slippers. Why not, its every girls dream?

2) Fairy Costumes
Which girl hasn’t imagined she was a fairy once? It’s possible to make her dreams come true this time if you get her a fairy costume and a matching magic wand!

3) Angel Costumes
I’ve always had a personal bias with angel costumes. Not only do they look so sweet and innocent in the white dresses, the addition of a halo on their heads just makes little girls the sweetest creatures in the planet. Plus the costume is a money saver, not to mention a timesaver as well. White dresses are easy to buy from costume shops and the halo won’t take a few hours to make either.

4) Witch
Okay, so this might not exactly seem positive right? But it won’t matter if you make your little princess a good witch in the process. A glass slipper and a white dress plus a simple plastic wand would complete her get-up perfectly. In fact, you could even go for a simple tree branch as her wand.


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